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  1. Sounds like me. Most likely pots. But you can survive I use a weal chair to get me around
  2. I’m 16 and I have missed school for 2 3 years I have gone to school but not often im stuck in a weal chair and the doctor is saying im not coming out soon but a bit of advice no matter where or that your doing in class, with friends you need to lay down drink water and salt that will help
  3. Welcome to the world of Dysautonomia
  4. I was bording a plane to fly me to 2 islands down to moui when I passed out i woke up in a room bagging for salt and spilled it all over me because I was shaking so much
  5. I was sick yesterday and it was the worst day ever I couldn’t stand up at all I felt horrible headache chest pain I hope you don’t have pots it’s not fun but if you do just know you’re not alone
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