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    Deepest Darkest Devon by the sea ( Newton Ferrers)
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    Baking stunning cakes for all occasions, sugar artistry, teaching cake making, using my cake skills to raise money for charity . I also support a little boy in Haiti called Salif and our family took on the responsibility of a young London street kid a few years ago ( she is 26 now ) who has now become a daughter and is doing brilliantly at Birmingham uni studying for a culinary art degree .....taking after me cooking / baling wise.
    As well as this l take care of my hubby and son who are both disabled and caring for my two mainecoon cats Treacle Pudding and Toffee Sauce ( who they think they are dogs / humans)
    Then there is my writing ...lm still working on two books but owing to illness haven't touched them for a few years ( understatement )
    If l have any time left lm normally found flat on my back in bed 😡

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  1. Life is what you make it , you can sit back feeling sorry for yourself because of POTS plus any other conditions you may have picked up .......or face each day as your last and live it to the best of you can. Me, l chose  life and by heaven lm going to live every second to the best of my ability ...so bring it on body lm waiting .....😈😈

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