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  1. So I am wondering how many people have found their cause and what it is. My urine analysis came back normal so it is not hyperPOTS for me. I had an ANA done shortly before I got sick that was negative. I have been on 20mg propranolol for a few days and it is helping my heart rate but not my breathing issue (which is my number 1 issue). So I am hoping maybe someone has the same issues and they found their cause. I have thought about Sjogren's but it doesn't usually have a breathing manifestation that doesn't show up in any lung test.
  2. I have been sick since July 2015. I had doctors do the same and I had to more or less self diagnosis and request the tilt table. I feared it too. I did have the IV but they never had to use it. It was more for just in case. My technician was very soothing and helped me get through it. It was rough and I was exhausted afterwards. Try to get a ride. But afterwards it was a great sense of relief to be diagnosed with POTS. No more I am crazy and it is all in my head. Good luck and I hope you find your answers either way.
  3. I have the same script and I am terrified to try it because my bp is almost perfect, but my pharmacist said to cut them in half if I wanted when I started. And my Internist reassured me that if I reacted badly it would on be in my system a few hours because it is fast acting. You should double check with your prescriber and/or pharmacist though. Maybe it reacted with another medicine. I have seen that depending on your type of POTS you can reactly oddly to medicines in general and propranolol can cause issues. I am trying to avoid it at the second til I get my test back on hyperPOTS. Hope you
  4. MomtoGiuliana: thanks for the welcome. I am hopeful for more info on POTS to be found in the future. Just this past October they found a genetic link between POTS, EDS type 3, and MCAD. DizzyGirls: I have never had a lot of experience with doctors until 2015. I had 2 mostly normal pregnancies and pretty healthy kids and hubby, so no reason. But I am beginning to wonder if doctors try to absorb too much information and try to act infalliable so they just kinda fail. It is so fustrating dealing with doctors that keep telling you it is smoking and anxiety. This doctor who has seen me
  5. I am sorry to hear about your daughter. I have only been diagnosed with POTS for a few weeks and I fear that it will be in my boys' future as well. My great suggestion is to find a good Chiropractor. I know a lot of people think they are quacks, and some are. But the search for a good one is definately worth it. I am hypermobile (possible EDS type 3) and all my joints are super loose, but if I go to my Chiropractor regularly I do notice my joints stiffen up and don't feel so loose. I am not sure where you live but years ago there used to be a clinic called Chiro One in my area. If their franch
  6. I just wanted to announce my presence on this forum. I have been sick since July of 2015 and in my quest of finding my diagnosis this site has been extremely helpful. I went for a short jog (about 15 minutes) and afterwards I feel the need to sigh or yawn every few minutes since then. During the time since then it has never went away only varied in intensity. I have been to the ER 3 times due to what seems like hyperventalation. First time it happened it scared the crap out of me. I have managed to deal with it over time but it is still irritating. Of course because I was exercising I wa
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