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  1. I get goosepimples, paresthesia in my extremities and inappropriate sweating in response to stimulating music and video games. Cold water and food intake also triggers this. I used to play video games semi-professionally, but I now find myself flushed, cottonmouthed and drowsy with a pounding headache in between matches. I feel good first thing in the morning, but once I physically rise from bed i'll get symptomatic within the next 10 minutes. I had autonomic function test (which I did in the morning without sleeping the night before) and it seem unremarkable because the technician did not mention anything. Does anyone know of anything other testing which would be able to pickup some kind of plasma/urine chemical changes during symptomatic episodes? Does this sound like something to do with my autonomic function? Confused
  2. I do, and even with clonidine. Have you had a sleep study? My airway is poor and I sometimes go into shallow paradoxical breathing. Could be something to investigate. NE rises in apnea episodes.
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