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  1. So, a sort of good news/bad news is that I figured out what was causing this crazy sudden onset and it turns out I ended up getting Labyrinthitis. I had some trouble with me ears prior to this episode but it's allergy season and I am allergic to everything under the sun so I thought it would just go away AND I've had ear infections before that just usually clear up on their own. It seems like though with the stress of what happened with the break-in that it lowered my immune system enough to where the infection could go crazy. It eventually turned into a sinus infection as well. So, the good
  2. I also forgot to mention that I've been having pain in my left ear... not sure if it's related.
  3. Hello All, I had a weird experience recently. Like something I've never felt before and was wondering if anyone has experienced this or maybe I should see someone about this. So, on may 19th, my wife and I had our house robbed. We lost a few things, but ultimately no one was harmed and aside from a lack of sleep it seemed like I was doing okay with everything. My in-laws had come down for support and for some friendly faces. On satuday, I had something very strange happen where I was doing some neck stretches since I had a headache then all of a sudden I started to feel dizzy. I got up to walk
  4. My doctor started me on 5mg of lexapro for 5 days and now I am on 10mg and almost finished week one. I have had a lot of the side effects which I know is common, but what I'm wondering is when you switched was it like starting over? What was your experience in the first few weeks?
  5. Hey, I can totally relate to the getting off of benzos they are a nightmare. I was on Xanax for sleep for about a year and had to go off because my body started tolerating it and my dr had no idea about the withdrawal. Thankfully he trusted me so he worked with me to gradually go off but it was still awful. I am on week 1 of lexapro and not doing well. All my pots symptoms have increased and it's not been fun. I'm hoping my body will adjust but I'm contacting my dr tomorrow to get feedback. I know it's been said that you adjust after a few weeks but for me it's been awful. Nausea, dizziness,
  6. I think it is from the lexapro primarily because the nausea seems to happen around the time I take it. It does wear off eventually but starts up each time. I think my biggest concern is I've never had to go through this before and usually if something gives me side effects I would stop taking it but this is a new level of medicine.
  7. Hello, Thank you for the replies. I am currently only on 5mg and tomorrow I'm going to be on going to 10mg. He said it could be anywhere from a week to 4 weeks. I just wanted to get some idea if this will be worth it. I was doing fine managing the symptoms... And then one stressful week and I've never felt worse.
  8. Hello, New here to the forums but have had pots for about 6-7 years. I was in a car accident and started noticing symptoms after I recovered. I lived with the symptoms for a while but recently we had some very stressful weeks and that seemed to exacerbated a lot of the symptoms so my doctor put me on lexapro and Xanax. The lexapro has been a killer for me. Lots of nausea, dizziness, and just general crappy feeling. I've heard that side effects are common while you adjust but it's been difficult because I'm still working full time while my wife is in college. How long did the nausea last for
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