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  1. I worked at a place called pump it up, where I had to basically host a party of around 20-40 kids, and play with them in those blowup jump houses. To put it simple, it was terrible. When I over exerted myself, I had these massive headaches, and pain in my temples. I was always out of breath, sweating, and dizzy. I took it easy on some days, and just leaned against one of the houses instead of engaging with the kids (which I was supposed to do.)
  2. I find that my symptoms show early in the morning, 1-9 AM. I wake up usually every morning at 2, sweaty, dying of thirst, and just plain ugh. Lying down for long periods is crap. What irritates me, is that I could just be sitting in class when symptoms strike. I'm not doing anything strenuous, just sitting. Symptoms make fun activities like choir a pain. Not to mention, the nausea... I was diagnosed with anxiety when I was really young, and I never know if I'm anxious, or if it's stupid Dysautonomia!
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