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  1. Thank you all! @ Raisin, exactly what you say it makes a difference. And it makes us the person we are today. And ofcoure i think you can't always be positive. But if you are and you'll try everyday we will get there.
  2. I never saw this video before, but it shows me that there are doctors in the world who know what Dysautonomia is and how you can possibly treat people with it. It gives me hope for the future.. And i'm thinking about showing this video to my doctors ... Is that a stupid thought? In the Netherlands the doctors know so little about POTS and there are just so few patients with it, that i may think it will help the doctors understand what we're dealing with..?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and i would like to introduce myself. My name is Christina and i'm 19 years old. A half year ago i decided to join this Forum, i never posted anything.. Untill now... Cause my friend told me you guys are really welcoming and nice. I live in the Netherlands and in my opinion Dysautonomia and Pots are here so unknown... That's why it took so long before i got a diagnoses. I've been struggling really hard with my stomach,colon,small bowel,Heart rate , blood preassure and kidneys the last couple of years. I'm hospitalized for 14 weeks now. It has been a really difficult time cause i got 3 surgery's, 2 sepsis, and i've been treated with total parenteral nutrition.. Now i can eat again on my own, but there's a change i need to get back on TPN and because of all the sepsis TPN is not a good option for me... But in the mean time i try to study. I've always been really positive and that's the most important thing when you're into these kind of problems. Besides my ilness and study i like to spent my time with family and friend, and though it may not be easy i still think i will get through this... I always tell myself everyday i can do this.. So this is a little about me, if there are any questions tell me okay? I saw the most of you guys are really positive and i really like that. That's how it's supposed to be on a forum like this
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