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  1. I'm a photographer who can't work. So I've tried selling online at etsy and nobody buys then on getty and nobody buys. I get $500.00 a month from the govn and I have $50.00 in my bank account and 3,000 on my credit card. Also, I was in a fender bender and I have car insurance with collision but now they're saying there is hidden damage and they won't pay for it. I don't know what to do honestly. I have to eat a certain way and it's getting expensive. I have medication and supplements to pay for, doctor's appointments. But I don't just have hyper POTS, I have very severe Interstitial Cystitis, Insomnia, and I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis which leaves me in bed most of the time. I don't know what to do. SSI is BS, I got sick at 18 so how could I possibly have much work experience as a barista while in college then end up bedridden?
  2. I'm having a lot of trouble with MM. I've tried tinctures, vaping, and cream. All of them give me horrible headaches, wired but tired feeling so I can't do anything. I have been trying indica at night and having very troubling nightmares. I have IC (bladder pain syndrome) and I literally live in horrific pain and no doctor will give me anything. I use a heating pad all the time and I've got wounds and burns and discoloration. Someone suggested edibles. IDK. Didn't really affect POTS.
  3. Thank you. I like your cover, nice to hear some electric guitars as I only play acoustic. You should definitely share your poetry. Art is therapy.
  4. Here's a version of Silent Night I recorded the day after Christmas, lol. Also recently I entered a fine arts contest locally at university and my photograph was accepted.
  5. I can't take normal B12, makes me quite quite ill. But when I use methyl B12 which has to be used with methyl folate, I don't have side effects.
  6. Oh yea 2 years of experience. I have ME as well. I have tons of genetic mutations but my doctor put me on the mehtyl folate and we added B12 and niacin. They changed my life, I went from being homebound to leaving the house and having boost of energy and my ocd reduced by 75%. I do have one of the MthFR homozygous mutations. I had to quit taking them for the most part b/c of insomnia side effects, however very soon I'm seeing an ME specialist down South Florida and she heads up the ME gene study and does genetic medicine so I'm hoping she can really help. However to answer your question, never helped my POTS.
  7. Photography is one of my hobbies so I have lots of pictures of these pups. Sammie, Toby, Callie with Toby, Jake.
  8. I have ME/CFS and POTS and IC and OCD. I live with terribly debilitating fatigue. Klonopin is great for CFS. So it's good he's taking that, just in case. IF you have any questions don't hesitate. I can say that you can do genetic testing through 23&me then run it through geneticgenie. At that point it may show a genetic mutation to MTHFR, I have it, so I was prescribed methyl folate and there are other like deplin, it boosted my energy and got me out of bed and it reduced my OCD by 75%.
  9. HI, I've found someone. She is an ME specialist, probably the smartest, but she does tilt table tests and knows A LOT about POTS and dysautonomia since most ME patients have it. I'm very excited she can help with my ME as well. Dr. Irma Rey heads up the gene study and does gene medicine which is the route I need to take. Methyl folate has changed my life. Klimas and Rey have done the biggest methyl folate study specifically with ME patients and they will know how to help with the side effects. Just thought I'd elaborate if anyone else here suffers from ME/CFS.
  10. Hi guys, sorry I haven't been around in awhile. Someone who was close to me treated me with more cruelty than I've ever experienced, I figured out the other day with some research he was just manipulating me the entire time. Anyhow, I have severe IC and I NEED the rapaflo. It's the ONLY thing that helps. But it's an alpha blocker and lowers blood pressure. My neurologist can't get me in with the local guy and vanderbilt won't accept my referral so I'm looking for someone in North Florida. I'd love to see Dr. Randy Thompson again but he's not accepting new patients even though I was established with him. I really need to see the ME specialist Dr. Klimas for several reasons including this one but she isn't accepting new patients either. Any tips?
  11. Of course. I took bactrim for 2 weeks and it decreases my sleep meds and in and of itself causes horrible insomnia. So Walgreens was supposed to fill something to help with sleep and they haven't. It sucks. I had adrenaline 24/7 in 2008 and went the entire year without more than an hour a day of sleep.
  12. Also, I have a new neurologist who comes from Vanderbilt. He will send me there if need be b/c he says it's one of the best.
  13. Well I have autoimmune hyper POTS and the only thing that helped me was IVIG. I think you have to have certain auto antibodies come back positive though to get it approved, as it is very expensive.
  14. Well I have a really good neurologist now and he comes from Vanderbilt. But he wants me to see a local guy who isn't accepting patients who is really good, he said, "he owes me a favor" and IF that doesn't work out he'll send me to Vanderbilt. He thinks I have autoimmune POTS because the best thing to help me was IVIG but I was taking it for a different diagnoses, he'd like to see me on it again if the auto antibodies come back positive.
  15. So I used the salt sticks for a few weeks along with aloe vera pills. My bladder went downhill and I didn't know what was going on but I was going to the bathroom every 30 mins. It wasn't a UTI and I told my mother, it doesn't feel like a UTI it feels like my bladder is irritated. She looked at my new supplements and noticed the salt sticks have potassium which is horrible for IC. 3 days now stopping new supplements and I'm feeling much better.
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