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  1. HYPOTHESIS: Could autoantibodies to muscarinic acetylcholine receptors underpin ME/CFS? NOTE: I originally posted this idea in this thread at the Phoenix Rising forum, but thought I'd repost the info here too. The focus of this speculative idea/hypothesis is that autoantibodies to muscarinic acetylcholine receptors might conceivably cause dysautonomia, thereby leading to ME/CFS and some of its co-morbid conditions such as orthostatic hypotension. It is often found that people who developed ME/CFS from a viral infection already had conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), interstitial
  2. Salt therapy (halotherapy) Some time ago, I performed a small experiment, and set up a device to saturate the air in the bedroom with ordinary salt, in order to simulate a sea air environment. In fact, the device worked so well that the atmosphere in my bedroom seemed slightly misty due to the high salt content of the air. The following morning, when I awoke, having slept all night in this simulated sea air, I felt very good and profoundly relaxed. The only downside of this treatment is the fine white layer of salt that you find on all your furniture and objects in the room the next day. Thi
  3. A long hot bath definitely improves my POTS and CFS symptoms. I find that I have less brain fog, less anxiety, and more mental focus and motivation after a long hot bath. I consider long hot baths an important daily therapy. By long, I mean 2 hours or more (I am often very fatiged, so I may fall asleep during the bathing, thus 2 hours passes very quickly for me). A shorter bath does not seem to help anywhere near as much. But even though my baths take time, I find I am always much more mentally productive after them, and able to mentally focus on tasks much better. So the time "invested" in th
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