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  1. its a relief to know that others are experiencing the same so that it can give me alittle insight. ive had so many other classic pots symptoms and most have gone over the past three years. only weakness and this dumb mindedness seem to linger. so i guess ill take another year to wait out this part
  2. appreciate the input. mine has been bad for about a month and a half. i say the wrong word or just mangle the word as it comes out atleast 10-20 times a day. i cant sing songs that ive known for years i mess up so many words. when i read a book out loud its like im retarded. i say words that are not there i miss words that are there. im guessing this is just one more pots symptom to add to my resume but thanks for the imput it gives me alittle more piece of mind
  3. has anyone had issues with messing words up alot? writing seems to be a mess at times also coordantion with things that i always do seems to vary. is this familiar to anyone?
  4. ive done research and most of it leads me to mito but i dont have alot of what is being described. ive had pots for 2.5 years. there had been times when i was very weak but i still work...manual labor and hard most days without much more tiredness than a usual hard days work, but other days im really beat and i daze off when i get home and sit. its like i go into stand-by mode. i did have alot of the basic test done about 2 years ago when i was diagnosed. i dont have ins. now so im outta luck with further testing for mito. i guess im wondering if there is anyway to tell if i may have this
  5. it helped with the pots symptoms but it was giving me the typical pot smoker symptoms. lack of ambition, laziness, coughing, ect.....i didnt want to go to work and come home and have my day dissapear till the next day of work. i was tired of that i wanted to feel life again. now i really feel it.
  6. so im going on three years of having issues 2 years dx with pots. i decided to smoke marijauana for most of the last year because, with me, it help alot of my problems to the point of not having any signs of illness for 5-6 months. i decided to stop smoking and i was good for a month or more. then one day a week ago i got a small case of vertigo with some hot flashes........it was gone in about an hour. no big deal i thought. 4 days later a few hours after i wake up i have severe vertigo for hours and it would not go away. vertigo is a symptom i had never had prior. so i go to the hospital an
  7. yeah i dont have bad episodes anymore (for now anyways) what ive been told is that if you have pots for no real specific reason(i guess one they cant find) that it usually goes away in 2-5 years in about 50 percent of people with this problem. im working on 2 years and ive gotten tremendously better since the first year. so mabey it will just take more time for myself. its odd i dont sweat alot but one thing that all of my doctors have asked me about was if i sweat alot. hhmmm mabey you should mention that to your doc's.
  8. yeah i get the drunk feeling. feeling off balance and my vision is all sketchy. but the pins and needles doesnt necessarily go hand in hand with the drunk feeling.
  9. so i had a very bad episode in july and august. then my symptoms seemed to disapear, for the most part. i felt 80 percent better than i have the year and a half prior to july. its now january but starting in december i started getting bad heat intolerance. ive had this before but now it comes with pins and needles all over my body and they are very strong. this hadnt happened before. i was wondering if this sensation is just another day at the POTS academy or if i should show extra concern. anyone have this?
  10. well as the title says muscle weakness. my question is does yours just FEEL like weakness or is it physical weakness, for example were its hard to clench your fist tight or pick something up,
  11. yeah it happens after i stop working, when i come home and sit down. ill try the gatorade
  12. i started working again and its goin good. sorta. im on my feet the whole day. then come home and i seem to have vision issues. i.e. harder focusing, blurry, bright light physically hurt my eye balls. kinda weird when looking from one spot of the room to the other. it seems to drag what im seeing from the first spot to the second. does this sound familiar and or do you think it has anything to do with being on my feet alot again?
  13. the doc had to reschedule the appt. til next month. is SFN a cause for pots or just another issue being caused by what ever the main problem is? how is SFN treated and or fixed and what does it do long term to the body?
  14. does this test help? or is it ust a pointless test so they can bill your ins? im getting this test tomm. and was wondering if anyone has had this test and if it had provided any answers to your questions?
  15. where can i get a cuff? and whats a rough price?
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