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  1. Hello, I am new here trying to figure some things out. I posted earlier about many symptoms i have had that don't quite fit with my regular Auto imune stuff. I neglected to mention a few, as there are so many. The two that i would like to learn about are neck and headaches and heat intollerance and flushing. I have been having a terrible time with my neck ever since i was in an auto accident in 2007. I can't put my chin to chest anymore ore look up either. Today I sat and had some tea and glanced at a magaizine for about a half hour. Since my neck is really stiff and right where my neck and he
  2. Hi I'm new here and don't know much about dysautonomia yet, but thought I would chime in and say that other health issues i have there has been information about changing hair colour and worsening of symptoms after hair colouring. I speak about Lupus specifically, but I do use home colour and I have watched to be careful about it and have to say that i haven't really noticed a significant change in my symptoms because of it. Now when i am in a bad flare the colour of my hair changes so fast you can almost see it happening. It seems to drain the colour and life right out of my hair, and it beco
  3. Can someone tell my how dysautonomia is diagnosed? Is there any tests that positivly diagnose it? I ask as if after I discuss this possibility with my rheumatologist I need to know if I would have to find or be referred to a specialist re dysautonoamia. I'm not much on wasting time and suffering going to somebody who just isn't informed completely. There is only one physician that is mentioned on this site that would be an option. Thanks Sandra
  4. Good day everyone, I'm new to this forum but not new to chronic illness. Sounds so dramatic! And i found out about this illness completely by accident, but I am a bit afraid it fits. First may I state that I am very sorry for your pain and anguish and there sounds to plenty to go around with dysautonomia. Second I think you all deserve medals of bravery for continuing to face the enemy everyday. Kudos! Third if I could ask some questions of you veterans I would be very grateful for any direction. I found out about dysutonomia while reading about a MUGA Scan. My mom has cancer, and recently
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