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  1. I work part time, tried many times to do something full time and my body can't take it.
  2. No problem. I think that Dr. K spends different amounts of time and focuses on different things with different people. We would go there in the morning and be done with the treatment center around noon, which was great because you need to learn how to live your life again with help from the center. So usually I would be there around 8 am. They would do vitals and discuss daily symptoms rating them. I would do my first relaxation which is about 20 minutes. Then depending on the day I would meet with Dr. K, Andrea, Dr Townsend to work on other aspect of the program. Then a break. Then I would go back and do my relaxation for another 20 minutes then meditation. About noon we would leave and do some stuff just mom and I and as the time progressed I was able to do more. Yes she did prescribe vitamins and supplements, but I think you can get them at a lower price. We don't have a Whole Foods and I have been able to find everything locally through a health food store, but GNC has some of the stuff. Supplements and vitamins are on a case by case situation as well, depending on a persons symptoms. Nutrition was a part of my program because I am overweight. So Dr K. did touch on nutrition with me. I do believe that they treat the person, I have different symptoms of the same disease as your son and the next person and her and her staff definitely individualize the program to your needs. Heartmath is available online in many forms, but if I would not have had the instruction from Dr. K I don't think I would be able to utilize the tool as needed. It is included in the program fee, so that is a plus. I do understand it can be spendy for the clinic, but we spent so much money on tests and treatments in hospitals and clinics and this would have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical treatment if I would have gone there first, and I feel better. That is the most important. Plus some insurance companies will reimburse you on some treatments, they can give you a bill with the correct coding to file yourself. I hope this helps!!
  3. My husband and I are the same I love numerology too. Mine is 7+2+5+1+9+8+1=33 3+3=6 His is 2+2+6+1+9+7+6=33 3+3=6 Always thought this was funny!
  4. I attended this clinic in July of this past year. A quick history on me. Onset at 17, diagnosed at 23 at Mayo, bed ridden 21-24. Went back to school and have been struggling, but getting better slowly since. I have NCS and POTS. I have been through and heard anything to help me from tons of meds to a random doctor telling me to hold my breath and bear down to get the blood back to my brain like they do in the Air Force. I have taken up to 20 meds at a time, been send to doctors and specialists and therapists, you name it. I went to Dr K thinking I was going to be the one that proved this lady wrong. Sure you fixed people before, but I am complicated. I have been sick so long and proved doctor after doctor wrong. So yes I went in with less than positive attitude. I do have to say she proved me wrong. When I left the two weeks in Dallas I had never felt better. After being home I am still doing a LOT better. Not as good as I was doing in Dallas because it has a lot to do with stress. Dallas was vacation for me focused on feeling better. When I got home I finished planning my wedding and getting married, had to go back to work, changed my job due to the high stress of work and am slowly feeling that amazing feeling when I left the clinic. It is a lifestyle change though, you only feel as good as the effort you put into the program. I know the days I don't work the program 100%. Any questions please send me a message. Hope this helps!
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