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New Doctor Available

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Hi everyone,

There is a new doctor available in NY that comes highly recommended. Here is her contact information:

Svetlana Blitshteyn, MD

Kinkel Neurologic Center, LLP

5 Limestone Drive, Suite B

Buffalo, NY 14221


Dr. Blitshteyn specializes in autonomic disorders, headache medicine and general neurology. She is highly recommended.

I hope this helps.


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thanks for letting us know michelle!

our physician list (with specialists all over the world!!!) is growing! for those of you who haven't seen it (yet): it can be found at the main part of the DINET website, left section, beneath DINET

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Thanks Michelle,

I'm not in the US but it is always good to hear about new autonomic specialists - the more docs there are that are experts with POTS the better chance we have of spreading the word and getting early diagnosis and treatment for people like ourselves. I hope that there are lots more docs training to be our specialists of the future.


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