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Massage Chairs /Cranial osteopathy

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My husband recently purchased a massage chair for me for my birthday from Sharper Image. It was expensive but he knows that I would get some temporary improvement after a deep neuromuscular massage therapy session. I have only had it a few days but it does give some relief for a period of time. You can try them out in your local mall. That's how we found them, because I was with my daughter in the mall and desperately needed to lie down so I went and reclined in their demo chairs. Brookstone also has a similar model for a little less.

I also had my first treatment with cranial osteopathy yesterday. I couldn't believe how symptom free I felt, like myself for about 2 hours. It gives me hope that I might be like this on my own someday. The D.O. says he can tell I had some insult to my nervous system and he's not sure he can totally cure me but this type of treatment may help. And it's partially covered by insurance. He's also insisting on me exercising and eating well and taking supplements.

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