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Neuro Visit


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I'm thinking I may not have this as under control as I thought. I only have been seeing Grubb for my NCS, this was my first visit with a neuro, suggested by my primary care physician.

First of all I was totally impressed, not only did he know what NCS was he treats several patients who have (thinking I may be able to start a support group here after all). After listening to me and my daughter about my last year with this, hospital stays, weird symptoms, med changes, weight gain, etc. He calmly sat next to me on table and explained even though the doctors don't know a whole heck of alot about this, that he and his collegues were doing the best they can. But he doesn't like to assume that everything is related so he has scheduled a million tests. The guy seems to be major thorough. He even took probley a good ten minutes and asked my daughter questions. things I would not have thought to mention.

We are doing all of the following

ENG He is checking to make sure I don't have Menieres (probley not spelled right) or any other inner ear thing going on I think Nina has this???

Echo 3-D of the heart Making sure no damage is there

MRI/MRA Brain scan making sure nothing is going on, plus checking for blockage or damage in the vessels

Ultra sound/Coradid artery Again checking for blockage

Stress test/ Already told him don't last long ;)

Mega Blood Work

So even though I am not thrilled about all the testing I am glad I seemed to have found someone close to home that is starting off very thorough. And of course I am hoping he doesn't find anything else wrong will be glad if he can help my symptoms in anyway.

Sorry so long,

It is beautiful outside right now, 64 degrees perfect to go sit outside!!

So off to the backyard with the pooches, Happy day everyone!!



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Hi Sue,

Glad you hear that your appt with neuro went SO well...it sounds like he is really interested. Did he give you any input on the Cerefolin?

Also, if I remember correctly, are you in Michigan? If so, could I get his name and number from you?

Again...glad things went well..and thanks for sharing!


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Just to ease any concerns you may have about the tests, my husband has most of the ones you mentioned plus a Sleep Deprived EEG and a Holter Monitor. He had this testing before being referred to Dr. Grubb for confirmation of his NCS diagnosis. The Stress Test, Echo, Ultra-Sound of the Carotid artery were ordered by the cardiologist. The MRI and MRA of the brain and the EEG were ordered by the neurologist. He did not have an ENG. He passed his stress test without any problems. His twin has had these tests and numerous others with everything coming back "normal" - he just returned from Mayo and they said that he had the most extensive cardio evaluation you can get (he had a Reveal monitor implanted for several months).

It would be great if they found something specific that is treatable - keep us posted.

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Hi!! When all my tests are finished then we are going for the sleep test. So we'll see how things go.


I forgot to mention, he took me off the cerefolin. Since taking it I had started to get some real killer headaches. He isn't saying that was the cause but wanted me to eliminate the 'script and see what happens.

His name is Dr. Ramesh Gopalaswamy, wow what a mouth full!! Otherwise known as Dr. "G" His office is in St. Clair Shores and he works out of Bon Secour in Grosse Pointe. I was impressed with him, we'll see where it goes.


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