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Bp Of 80/70 In Doctors Office Today


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What in the heck is up with my system?

BP of 80/70----There's not much space between systolic and diastolic.............

I went to get my loop recorder down loaded and this is what it was standing. Sitting it was 95/79 or something close to that.

My heart rate was only 80---which didn't seem to be compensating for the low BP----???

It looks like I have PVCs and PACs. Those thumps, skipped beats, or thuds I'm feeling are a result of this. My cardiac loop recorder is no longer working as of today. We could not reset it, but it's good I made some recordings. I wasn't sure the battery was still working, but I took a chance and made a couple recordings anyway----and these premature beats were caught.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to catch the prolonged spells I had over 2 years ago. It would have been nice to see what those were all about.

Maxine :0)

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