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So despite the fact that it's now solidly fall outside, my office continues to run the air conditioning on the principle that 'the servers must come first.' Although the claim is that it's set on 73, the fact is that the thermostat is actually right next to the server, and so picks up on its heat and runs literally almost all the time. I have one of those little decorative thermometers in my office that is now reading 68 degrees!

The end result of this is that I'm wearing a skirt, shirt, and sweater and have one polartec (the serious heavy outdoor stuff- no cheap fleece) and one sweatshirt-type material blanket over me, drinking endless cups of chamomile and decaffeinted lady grey tea, and can barely function because of the cold. My autonomic symtoms are kicking in big-time- tachycardia, dizziness, fatigue, brain fog; my hands are turning colors, and I've been alternating between low and high temps- 95.6 to 99.6. Needless to say, all of this makes it difficult to work!

My plan is that I'm going to go talk to the powers that be about the fact that I either need to move offices, have a heater, work at least half the day from home, or some other sort of accomadation to continue my employment. What I would really appreciate is some verification about cold intolerance. If anybody has any resources, would you please share them- and yes, I'm running a forum search too B)! Also, if you have any suggestions about potential accomadations, please share those as well! Thanks!

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Well, I don't have any good advice on dealing with your office. I thought of a heater at your feet - but it seems you've already thought about that.

But - I CAN validate your cold intolerance! Once I'm cold - I do not warm up easily and it does throw my body into a tizzy fit! And my temperature does not always match the other people in the room!

I use a lot of rice bags - Linen bags filled with rice. If you microwave it, then the rice gets hot and I ue them on my feet, hands, under blankets etc.

You could use this in your office too - or maybe a heating pad - that helps me warm up to.


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I gave my employers some information about POTS, and explained how the extreme cold in my particular windowless office (it was down around 60 degrees in there, even though the thermostat was set to 73) was negatively affecting my health and, therefore, my productivity. (It's really hard to type when your hands are turning blue). We discussed a heater, and they're checking to see what circuits I'm on to determine whether that's going to be safe. I think I may end up with an electric blanket instead, as it will use less power. The vent in my office is now mostly blocked off.

Roselover- I'm also going out today to get some of the microwavable bags. I've seen them before for injury purposes, but for some reason it never dawned on me that they could be used just to get warm! Great idea!

The problem, of course, is that 1) it's still cold; and 2) the cold set off symptoms that I'm still suffering from- not to mention the fact that I swear it made the cold that I was almost over worse! Nonetheless, I'm lucky to be working in an office and industry where they're sensitive to these sorts of issues. After all, it'd be pretty bad if a law firm ended up with an EEOC complaint! B)B)

(edited because I had a and b where 1 and 2 currently are, and apparently a b and parentheses gets you the sunglass smiley face!)

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People just dont get it. Until 2 months ago I worked in an office with a woman that was extremely hot and froze the rest of us. She is older and sweet so no one wanted to upset her. She could not work hot so I use a heater and dress in layers. But the annoying thing is that people that are hot natured usually have no concept of what we cold natured people go through. One person even said that I could just put on more clothers.....no big deal. I told them it is hard to work when you are so cold you are in pain. Now I am in an office where I am in charge but I still try to accomodate others so I still use a heater and dress in layers. At least I wont have to be in pain anymore.

I feel for you and hope people will listen to you.


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I'm so sorry you are so miserable.

Thankfully, for me, I am teh boss and the thermostat is in my office!

I try not to totally swelter my secretary, but I do try to keep it warm enough that I'm at least not in pain with the cold.

I do have a portable heater.

If things get really cold, I layer clothing and drink warm fluids ---which you are doing.

The worst spot for me is in myparents house.

They are quite frugal and concerned for the environment, but I freeze.

Thankfully they recently purchased gas logs so I sit in front of the fire in blankets while others are seemingly completely comfortable in the cold temps.

You would think your own family would make allowances, but oh well... here again, people just don't get it.

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Just call me Goldilocks. I have to have it just right. If I get too cold it takes a long time to warm up. Adding layers doesn't help because I still have exposed skin. Thankfully for me I can usually get through whatever I am doing as I am in several places a day. But I do find that the more my body works to keep me warm or cool the more fatigued I am at the end of the day.

Just one of the fun things to figure out with this!


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