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OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but ...

I went to Walgreens today to get more Thermatabs (buffered salt). The pharmacist said they no longer carry it because people were taking too much and making their blood pressure too high.

Grrrr. I don't like to salt my food! ;)

My grocery store said they could order some. I just didn't think it should no longer be available because some people don't use it right!


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I've definitely noticed this- the obsession with high blood pressure is all around us. Those little blood presssure checking machines at the pharamacies don't even post a low blood pressure range, and I've run into more than one nurse who's congratulated me on my low blood pressure when it was 102/68- which is a bit insensitive since it's a real struggle to keep it up there, and I'd love to get a few more points if I could! In fact, several weeks ago, I had posted a letter I wrote to the editors of a health magazine who had published an article discussing the merits of cutting out salt completely, asserting that it was the only way to live!

The last thing I want to do is minimize the problems of high blood pressure- for people who have it, it's real, it's dangerous, and it makes you feel like crap. But I feel it's become something like fat and cholestorol was about 10-20 years ago...people just blindly think 'lower is better,' without realizing that, without it, you're literally dead! Just like the revelations about good fats and cholestorols, we'll hopefully get to a place of moderation. The trouble, of course, is that until then, those of us who are diagnosed with low blood pressure will have a harder time getting treated and, even worse, there will be lots of undiagnosed people out there eating low salt diets and feeling horrible.

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I know!!!

I made the same complaint when I was first living in the UK and they looked at me in disgust like I was an ignorant and unhealthy American (lol) and told me that they didn't sell them (and how dare I ask for such a thing!- not out loud!)...

Grr I wish hardcore athletes didn't so often feel the need to push themselves beyond their limits with steroids, supplements, and other things that they might abuse. :angry:

I feel for you if you don't like salty foods... here it seems pretty much the only way to get enough sodium, along with the veggie broth.

But I bet you can still get them online somewhere! :rolleyes:

OH and what really gets to me is that SOOOO unbelievably many products here in the UK keep cutting down on their salt content to be marketed as "healthier"!!!!!

Everybody in the world needs salt, people!!! Even a lot of "normal" people don't have high BP!!! Otherwise they wouldn't call it high!! LOL

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in the UK you can get "Slow Sodium" 600mg tablets on prescription. I used to take 10 a day and now that my urinary sodium levels are improved I take 5 a day to maintain my salt balance.

The packet doesn't say "POM" (prescription only medicine) so I think you should be able to buy them from a pharmacy. It would be cheaper to get them on prescription, even if you have to pay the prescription charge, if your doctor prescribed 600mg x10 per day then you should get 3x 100 tablets for the single prescription charge.


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Guest tearose

It doesn't seem reasonable.

Anything in excess is dangerous! If someone drinks enough shampoo they can get really sick too!

Oh well, at least you can go somewhere else.


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I like to take one big salt tablet instead of lots of little ones. My pharmacy orders the one gram salt tablets for me. Whenever I buy a bottle, I remind them to please remember to order another few bottles to keep in stock for me.

I have always loved salt. As a little girl, I used to sprinkle salt onto my palm and lick the salt from my hand. My mom used to even buy me small salt shakers to take to school! That was in the 1970's so perhaps the anti-salt craze had not started then. When I mention that salt is good for me, everyone always says how they would love that. I then say that I rather be normal than have free rein of salt intake!


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I know CVS carries Thermo tabs. I have to ask the pharmacy for them as they keep them behind the counter. See if your local CVS has then. I understand your frustration. I happen to love sea salt and put it on just about everything. I hate taking pills and at 13 a day right now I don't want to add the salt tabs, but I keep them on hand for the days I just can't eat. My daughter used to take the salt tabs, but now prefers the dill pickles. 2 full size dill pickles a day is what her doctor told her. think we are the only family that buys a huge jar every week at the grocery store.

I hate going to the store anymore. Everything is marked as low sodium....whats going on. Yes some people have high BP like my mother, but what about us that have low BP. We need our own brand of a high sodium food line. That would be nice to see, One section of the grocery store dedicated to high sodium foods. They have organic, gourmet, allergen, ethnic...why not high sodium??? Now that would be nice to see.

Anyway, good luck at finding your salt tabs.


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