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How Do You Start On Supplements?


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Hi all!

I was just wondering how you suggest starting to discuss supplements with your dr. Mine so far haven't mentioned it, and seem to jump more towards meds. I would like to take less meds.

They seem to not like when I suggest things, or try to do something than what they originally recommend. If I don't do what they say they treat me like I am not cooperating. If I come in with info. (not papers, just thoughts) or seem like I know too much they think I am trying to self-diagnose, treat etc.

I don't want to just start on anything with out checking first with my drs. So, I was just curious what ya'll suggest?

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Yes I can see how that would be a problem, I dont think that your doctors think you dont know what you are talking about or are trying to say they dont know what they are doing, they probably just feel that they have already thought of those things and since they are doctors they know best and realize that it isnt really something that is a problem.

You could say something like, I'm glad I'm on these meds as they are really helping me in dealing with this (if that is the case) however meds can be rather harmful to your body and I was wondering if there would be anything more natural like vitiman supplements or something we could try that wouldn't be so damaging in the long run to my body.

Good luck!

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I don't think you should feel bashful about asking about supplements. I would simply ask "Do you know of any herbal or natural supplements that might be helpful" I am always open to talking about alternative nonprescription medications with my patients. My view is "whatever works".

I don't really see that most meds for POTS are a problem longterm. I look at prescription medications differently than you perhaps. I think to myself, "My body is very abnormal without my toprol, midodrine, mestinon, St John's wort, etc, etc. My handfuls of pills that I take everyday help my body to be more NORMAL" I don't like POTS but I do like the pills because they help me fight the POTS. This attitude helps me not to struggle against prescription and nonprescription pills.

I suspect that your doctor becomes frustrated if you do not follow instructions because he or she simply really wants to see you improve. If you don't follow the instructions, the doctor feels like you are derailing his or her carefully laid plans to help you. It also wastes time. However, you should never feel forced into taking a medication which is causing sickening side effects. I always want my patients to feel comfortable, informed and involved in the decision to start a new medication or adjust it. It is a partnership.


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I kind of see it as give and take. If I find something that I think is worth looking into, I make sure I have worked with him/her on their suggestions too. I would think that if you are willing to try what the doctor has requested, they shouldn't be put off by any suggestions you have.

If you are unwilling to try anything they recommend, I could see how they could become frustrated, otherwise, they should be willing to listen to your input also. K is correct, it should be a partnership. My pcp is more than willing to admit I know more than he does, but it takes a very confident doctor to admit that.

My MDA doctor is not like that, but I have found the more willing I am to try her things, the more willing she is to listen to my ideas. Kinda like marriage... :lol:

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