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Low-sodium Diets


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So I'm not sure what made me snap yesterday, but I started reading this article from Eating Well magazine on how everybody should lower their salt intake and it just made me mad! I believe that this sort of absolutist "conventional wisdom" really contributes to the ignorance that all people with chronic conditions resulting in so-called 'non-traditional' lifestyle changes face. Plus, you know that there are people out there right now, feeling horrible because of their dysautonomia, who can't get a diagnosis, and are following this advice because they're constantly told to do so by experts.

Anyway, I thought I'd share the article and the letter I wrote to the editors in response with you all.


And my response...

Dear Editors:

In an article entitled "Is Salt the Next Health Focus?," which was published on MSN.com under the more dramatic title "Is Salt the New Trans Fats?," you assert that the "bottom line" is that everybody should watch their sodium intake "now" for "big health payoffs later."

Unfortunately, if I- and millions of others- followed your advice, I would suffer drastic health consequences from the effects of low blood pressure and volume. Furthermore, even those who do need to be concerned about their salt intake must remember that it is still a major, much-needed nutrient, and that a sodium deficiency can cause serious illness or death.

While research such as that discussed in the article is certainly enlightening, such articles need to be ended with a reminder that, instead of essentially self-medicating for a condition that may not even exist, everybody should have their blood pressure regularly checked, and consult their doctor before making major shifts in diet or exercise.

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Good for you jhjd! I admire people who stand up to the plate---- :D

Ahhhh--------it's so easy for them to focus on "common problems", thus not remembering the consequences of what a low salt diet can result in if the person is not monitored properly for their BP. My mother in law suffered serious problems with a "low sodium" diet, and had to be put on a "high sodium", as her whole system was a mess, and she had disabling CFS symptoms in her 70s!----- :o

Maxine :0)

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