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Chest Pain


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I don't quite know what to do. I woke with chest pain this morning that hurt when I turned over. It isn't muscular - deeper than that. It hurt to turn over, to get up, and basically to move now that I'm up and moving around. I had this once before and was diagnosed with pericarditis. I also ended up in the hospital for 24 hours with all sorts of heart tests. OF course they were normal and now I'm stuck with thousands of dollars of medical bills and a healthy heart. Of course, I'm hapy about the healthy heart, but I already knew that prior to all the "just in case" testing.

I've called the specialist I see. No return call yet. My pcp is just around the corner, but his nurse is out and he isn't too sure about all this ANS stuff. He is trying to learn and is quite supportive of my situation, but I doubt his ability to really do much. I don't want to go to the ER. I really don't think it is necessary, but I want to feel better!

Do any of you experience this kind of pain?

I'm whiney because I'm a bit anxious about chest pain like this, but also because I'm feeling bad and work is frustrating and and and . . .

Suggestions welcome!!!


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I get that too. As a matter of fact, I am having that problem today. I woke up this morning feeling TERRIBLE with my chest hurting and my HR up. The HR went down after my meds, but the chest pain stayed. I took some ibuprofen, didn't help. I find that when I rest and take it easy on these days it eventually goes away by itself. I also wonder about food. I ate dinner late last night (I had to take my son to the hospital for a sprained ankle it turns out) and I wonder if eating so late may have something to do with it.

Hope you get some relief soon!


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Hi Dari,

I hope the pain is nothing serious and settles down soon. Obviously we can't tell over the internet but I think that Pericarditis usually causes pain that is worse when you lie-down and better sat upright, worse when you breathe deeply or move and is often associated with a dry cough, fever and fatigue.

Is the pain in any specific place? I sometimes get something called chostochondritis (Tietze syndrome) which is inflammation of the cartilage that joins a rib to the breast-bone/sternum. This can be really painful on moving and breathing but is also tender when you press over the affected spot.

If it is worrying you the discussing with your PCP would be sensible, it isn't necesarily connected to ANS problems and a good doctor should be able to find out whether it is heart pain that needs more tests or something that they can reassure you about.

Hope you feel better soon,


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Thanks for the input.

I'm glad to know that some of you have the same thing - well,not glad you have it, but glad you know what I'm talking about. It is disconcerting. I actually went to the doc at lunch, but talked myself out of seeing the doc because I figured he would say either it was nothing or he didn't know what to do for it. So, I returned to the office under the guise of some unstated "thing" I had to deal with at the church. It was kind of embarassing, but I decided I probably wasn't going to die and I reallydidn't want to go through testing to find that I have a normal heart and lungs, which I already know, AND have more medical bills to deal with. SO . . . .. If the pain remains tomorrow I'll call the nurse, but in the meantime, thanks for your encouragement.

It hadn't occurred to me it might be from yesterday. I'll think about what I did yesterday and how maybe over did it.

Ah, this forum helps so much!!!


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Flop- the sternum is precisely where it hurts.

Now, as the day comes (almost) to an end my upper back is hurting as well,, but I think that is from holding my body differently at the computer today as a result of the other pain.

I'm going to run home prior to Wednesday night church stuff and take some anti-inflammatories. Perhaps this will help.


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that was a trip down memory lane for me. I had fallen out of a tree in forth grade, unknowingly bruised the cartilage that joins a rib to the breast-bone/sternum. Which swelled (months later) and hurt like H$%^. I was put in the hosp. They did not find the cause.

The pain was brief but incapacitating. It so happened I had the pain in the presence of a Dr. who requested I turn from the waist. It stopped. Turn back, and it was back. All it took was a bottle of antibiotics.

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