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Autonomic Neuropathy With Pots


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Hi all!

I was just wondering with those diagnosed with both POTS and Autonomic Neuropathy what other symptoms they have they have been told is due to the neuropathy, and how far does this often progress in POTS?

I know that HR, BP, and gastro. are often affected other than that I am not real familiar.

I have the HR, BP, and likely gastro. affected by it.

Also, because mine is technically small fiber neuropathy, so there is a sensory component, I was wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with sensory loss due to this condition? I know that my finger tips can be very strange feeling at times like someone cut them with a ton of paper cuts, they can also feel numb, and tingly.


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My son has HR, BP and gastro effects. He also has weird temperature issues. He sometimes says he is so hot. He wears running shorts in the winter. I take his temp and it's 95 (hypothermia)!!!- but he perceives it as heat.

Sounds like you've had an awesome doc or team of docs. Where'd you have your testing done and what tests have you had to endure?


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I am in Ohio, so I have been going to OSU Med. Center.

I have had EMG's, EEG's, HUT, QSART, Echo, EKG etc. I have had five neurologists at the same time, PCP, cardiologist, and nutritionist. So, it has definetly been getting better I went through another university's health system before and it was awful!

Thanks for your help! :o

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