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Manganese- High Toxic Levels


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So my doctor did this "hair tests" on me. They scraped a bunch of hair off the back of my head, sent it to a special lab, and it tests the levels of toxic metals and also essential elements.

My "toxic metals" looked pretty good, everything was in the safe zone. Nickel was slightly high, but still in the safe zone barely (my doc said maybe it's from jewelry).

As for the essential elements, some of them were VERY off. The one that was the worst was "MANGANESE" which I had never even heard of before. ??? Apparently you're supposed to have some, but too much can be toxic. Well I have a LOT of it in me, according to this text. I was off the charts.

So the info I have read says you can get toxic levels of Manganese by being a miner or a welder and stuff like that, or it can be in the ground at a waste dump, etc etc... well none of those concerns apply to me so... what the heck..?? The symptoms of High Levels of Manganese sound pretty scary, and some of them somewhat familiar. My doctor said he doesn't know why I have these levels. He checked my kidney and liver functions with bloodwork, and they look good.

Have any of you all heard of this? Wonder if I should be concerned....

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Manganese? Well my first question would be are you on private or municipal well water supply or a municipal surface water supply (rivers or lakes)? I have seen very high manganese levels in well water, some so high that it makes the inside of the pipes gray to black. Maganese is naturally occuring in the ground and is in very high concetrations in the bottom or floor of the ocean too. If I recall, in moderation it helps with vitamin b absorption. Manganese causes the hardness in water and ion exchange water softners can easily remove manganese.

The EPA has set a non-enforceable guideline for the level of manganese in drinking water at 0.05 milligrams per liter (0.05 mg/L).


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