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Occupational Health Appt. Tommorow


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I've got my third appointment tommorow with occupational health. With everything that's been going on over the past 3 months there is a strong chance I'm going to lose it and I'm scared because my job is all I have. I know that's sad but that is how it is. Working enables me to see people and have access to support forums like this, without a job I'll lose the support I have from places like this.

Last time I saw him he told me to ignore it so it will go away. Bearing in mind he had been told it was all psychogenic and therefore not harmful to tell me to do more and ignore it I'm assuming his attitude won't be the same this time. But that worries me. I no longer have an office and have to hunt for places to work. The laptop I had been given now belongs to another department. I'm struggling to meet all the demands put on me and have had enough basically. The post is finishing soon anyway and the thought of trying to get another job again is terribly depressing for me (took over 6 months last time after losing my job and then I had to lie about how bad my fainting was).

Gah. Any advice? I've written him a letter regarding my conditions and what has been happening over the past two months, including the problems with the psych hospital. I don't want to end up breaking down but I am less than emotionally stable right now - mainly because I have a cold and my syncope etc is always worse when that happens, plus it is freezing here right now so I'm in a lot of pain.

Any advice?

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I don't know what to say other than reflect back that you truly in a tough situation.

I pray you don't lose your job over this.

Somehow, I hope the therapist can come to see that your issues are physical and not psychogenic. This is the most frustrating part of this whole syndrome to me! I have not found a successful way in which to educate people about this illness - docs and the like. My friends are clear something is wrong with me. They know before I do sometimes that my symptoms are flaring. Nonetheless, I will pray for you and be interested in hearing how things go.


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Congratulations! I'm so relieved that you still have a job.

I understand the weird feeling. I imagine the thought is OK, I have my job for now . . . for how long will it last? At least this is how I felt after meeting with my hiring committee.

For now, rejoice that the interview went well and you have your job!!!


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