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weight loss and high sodium

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<_< I'm drinking Gatorade like I own the company, adding salt to everything and still have tachycardia, fainting, weakness, overheated, depression, fatigue. To top it all off, I'm gaining weight non-stop. I feel bloated and tight and awful! My asthma is worse and I want so bad to loose weight, but have no energy and want to sleep all the time. I can't keep up with my 3 yr old, let alone work-out.

I have POTS, EDS III, Fibromyalgia, and asthma.

Any one have any suggestions?


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Welcome aboard,

I would talk to your DOC. A few meds could make a big difference. And I have to say, Gatorade is not the best choice either. I know exactly how you feel. I gained a lot of weight at first also. I'm slowly losing now. The biggest helps are

1. Low sugar intake, try sugar substutes and read the lables of your drinks. Try pedialite or an equall. (low sugar but replaces vitamins and minerals).

2. Try swimming, it's less stressful and easier to do but is still a great work out as it works all your muscles and heart as well as easy on your blood pressure. Be careful getting out as your blood pressure will drop off a little suddenly.

3. Try to keep your water intake up. Try adding a complete vitamin and taking two instead of one, one in the morning and one at nite. Just by doing that, my pain has dropped some as well as the muscle spasm and tremors. I use a childerns chewable as large pills just choke me, the generic brand I use was reconmended by my phamasist <_<

Good Luck, Blackwolf :)

P.S. I have POTS, Fibro and seasonal asthma

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Hi, Rubbernecker!

You may want to consider switching from Gatorade to Emergen-C powders - low or no sugar and high in electrolytes. (You can get them at health food stores or online.) Also, avoid all artificial sweeteners.

B6 and magnesium are a huge help to me for just those symptoms you mentioned, especially the fatigue. I get the best results from magnesium lactate, and do ok enough on mag oxide. Mag citrate is supposedly one of the best absorbed, but many people have intestinal trouble from it.

Celtic sea salt is much better for us than table salt. It retains its natural chemical components which help our bodies in many ways. Table salt is stripped of everything and then artificially fortified with a tiny bit of what was taken out. If you want to try the Celtic sea salt, get the damp-ish kind instead of the dried out, easy pour stuff.

Another potential situation is that you may be negatively reacting to something - maybe dairy or grains, particularly wheat and/or gluten. These things (plus other things as well) can cause the bloated, tight feeling. Been there - it's pretty miserable.

Good luck - hope you feel better soon!

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