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Anybody Taking Ddavp Generic


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  • 2 weeks later...

i took the generic for about a year or so but never took the name brand so can't offer a comparison.

sophia i hope the generic does well for you (& that maybe the up all night was a coicidental glitch for you EM)...

:) melissa

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Do you by ANY CHANCE have the generic manufacturer name? Did it help you hold fluids?

I am going crazy finding what the generics are (by Manufacturers). I remember HORRIBLE midodrine generic, from Mylan I think? Super THICK crumbly pill.....But forget the good generics.

All my expensive meds are about gone and the patient assistance programs rules have changed or are GONE thanks to Medicare D for ...well, can't use the word here. :)

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My daughter uses the Stimate...Not sure which it is...brand or generic. She just started taking it last month for her Von Willebrand. We have to have it drop shipped to our house because none of our local pharmacies can order it. Hers is a nose spray. We are new to the whole DDAVP medication. If you would like more info on it let me know and I'd be happy to share whatever I can about her script.

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I can no longer get the name brand either.

I have taken the Barr brand and the Tivo brand. Usually Tivo is a good brand all around (according to my pharmacist whom I like a LOT and really trust).

However, I've had a bit better luck with the Barr I think. The Barr can get a little flaky, but I like them better than the Tivo. Still it's hard for me to sort out what's what as I have so many bladder symptoms.

I am thinking about trying the nasal spray, as I remember Lois saying it lasts longer, but I need to figure out what a comparable dose would be to what I am taking now.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks Dancing Light.

Barr sounds familiar and I think the is the brand Costco carries.

The nasal was the original version of DDAVP but I forget why I NEVER wanted to do that version...been YEARS since I read about that. Some say it is absorbed differently but if you have sinus issues, not a good plan or something.

The pill works for me though some days I need a bigger dose as even with a scored .2 pill, when you take 1/4 tab, hard to get an even dose.

THe smaller strength is just SO MUCH MORE Expensive than the .2, but will have to the stronger and see if it works.

Thanks for all your feedback, everybody.


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