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Wanting to make a small difference


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My old school told me that they didnt feel comfortable with me attending there school because it was a privet school and they were worried about lawsuits with a student that kept going into attacks and passing out. I was really glad they said that because i found a great alternetive school that is based on an independent system of learing so i dont have to be at school early in the morings or be at classes or be under stress about grades because there arent any of those. You write a thesis on any topic you choose and present it to a board who approves or disapproves when you feel you are ready to graduate. This works really well for my illness because i dont have to miss school classes for doctors appointments ans i can lay down when ever i need to. With this school comes great possibilites and id like to hold something there for National Invisible Chronic Illness week. Please write me back for any suggestions of anyone who is battling with or educated about dysautonomia that could possibly speak at my school. Im also going to inform congressmen and politicians about this plan and im looking for anyone or any suggestions that could help this work and help us all to get heard. My school is located in Newark, Deleware. Please contact me if you are willing to participate, or know of anyone that i should contact.

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Hi Sara--I live about an hour from you and would be willing to volunteer. I've had dysautonomia all my life. Sorry I didn't write sooner but I just got home from a trip and had very limited internet access while away. Please email using my "email" button if you'd like to discuss specifics.


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