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Generall Stiffness Of Muscles, Migraine And Excercise


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Hello to everyone

I have recently joined this site and what a relief to finally chat with other sufferers.

Is it quite common to develop POTS over many years with many systemic symptoms which in time seem to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

I get a tremendous amount of stiffness that has become progressive over the years leading up to the POTS diagnosis. Mornings are bad when getting out of bed (feel like Hermon Munster) - as i mentioned in an earlier post real problem with neck area and horendous migraines which i have had for about 10 years now. Nerve pain travelling all through the muscles really. Can i ask does excerise help? and if so what is a good program to use and has anyone benefited from this long term.

Also has dry eyes been a problem for anyone

Kind regards take care


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Hello Valentine,

Yes, migraines and severe neck problems were a big part of my symptoms, esp. when I was younger...in my early 30's. (I'm 45 y/o now.) I think that's when my dysautonomia started full-blown for me following a car accident. I had horrible migraines that often resulted in vomiting and the most horrendous neck pain that would flare for no apparent reason. I wasn't DXed with POTS at that point, but I regularly saw a neurologist to help me deal with the symptoms. The most effective med for me was tylenol with codeine. I was very opposed to taking a narcotic, but my neurologist insisted that I would have minimal sedating effects if my pain was severe enough. It was and the Tylenol 3 was very effective for horrible flares. Imitrex caused chest pain for me and made me feel really "stupid." It definately affected my cognitive functioning. Before it was taken off the market, Vioxx helped my neck and head pain very effectively. Now that I am older, that particular set of symptoms is much improved.

The stiffness and movement restrictions seem to be a part of this whole syndrome for many. When my son saw Dr. Peter Rowe at Hopkins, Dr. Rowe noted severe movement restrictions in my son (similiarly affected.) The pain and stiffness you describe, combined with an orthostatic intolerance, can also be a part of cHronic fatigue syndrome and/or fibromyalgia.

Pilates and gentle stretches over time seem to help. The biggest aid to me overall has been time. With age, many of these symptoms have improved for me.


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