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I'm Germy!

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Hello all,

I've got a cold right now, and I'm noticing that it seems like it's made my propensity to black out when I change positions worse. I particularly noticed it when I was shopping. If I crouch down and then stand up, I get a head rush. I'm not taking anything for my cold (such as Sudafed or something.) Anyone else notice this? Why would that happen?

Just trying to determine what's normal. Ha, ha. ;)


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I have that same "head rush" when sstanding from squatting or crouching. I just have to move a little more slowly than I"m accustomed to (pre-POTS). It does seem to be worse when I'm congested or feeling a bit sick. Can't explain it, but I can relate to what you are describing!

Hope you feel better.

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