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Article In Neurology Now Magazine

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Thank you for sharing the article. You are right, there are many similarities and obsticles we have to deal with. I really wish society was as understanding and informed about POTS as they are with MS.

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Thank you for the article. Honestly, I needed to read that today. I just started a rigorous program in college, and have many fears about my instructors finding out about my illness and kicking me out of the competetive program. I have chosen to keep my illness to myself, and so far it has been the right decision.

Only 30 students get into the dental hygiene program every year, and I worked hard to get there. I have been having doubts as to whether or not I can simply handle the workload and stress. It really helped to read his experiences, because many of his fears and challenges are the same.

It is so frustrating because it is true that society just isn't willing to except illness or imperfection.

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