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Mestinon And Breathing


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My (really wonderful) MD prescribed mestinon because it might help with some of the issues (but specifically breathing issues weren't addressed). You know how you're in the office and the physician goes down a path you weren't expecting - and you're in a brain fog - and trying to process this new information - and still having symptoms while in the office that are distracting your concentration - and...haven't we all been there?

Well, now that I'm settled, I have a question - anyone who can shed some light based on their own personal experience would be most helpful.

I have great difficulty breathing. Just don't want to inhale or exhale. I'm content with a respiration rate of anywhere from 5 to 10 per minute. Did/does the mestinon help any of you breathe better? (Oh, my breathing difficulty is part of the "syndrome" of POTS or dysautonomia - not from another disease or condition.)

I don't want to call his office because he is an amazingly busy physician, and he spent almost an hour with me - just out of kindness and concern -

Thanks -

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