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Tingling Sensations

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Hi all.

anyone get tingling sensations down the right or left side of the body....i have been getting tingling feelings down my right legs mainly, but also the right side of my face. ....the feeling is EXACTLY the same sensation I had while taking, I think it was clonidine -- caused a "goosebump" type sensation. i was only on that med for about a month and that was three years ago....this sensation i'm getting now feels exactly like the sensation i got while taking clonidine....

anyone get this sensation??

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I get that tingling sensation all the time, actually its in my head and face right now lol. :)

I take midodrine, which can cause the sensation and goosebumps which I get frequently also.

soooo irritating!

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I logged on today just to see if anyone had tingling...it started today. I felt like I was cold and getting goosebumps but it was 90 degrees and I was sweating like a pig!! It was different the usal warm rush I have experienced before. Hmmmm what is it??

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i have a lot of tingling as well. like blondie, especially in my head and face, but also in different other bodyparts. really don't know where it comes from. also strange: i have it (in my head) when i need to go to the bathroom???!

i am scheduled for an mri next week (which wasn't prescribed because of the tingling). i wonder if they can find something that could help explain the tingling as well. if they do, i'll let you guys know.

take care,

corina :)

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