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Calcium: Anyone Here Have Low--

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Hi. I've just come from a new internal medicine doctor. I really like her, first impression. Anyway, she's concerned that I have a low calcium--hypocalcemia. She thinks that may be contributing to many of my symptoms. Does anyone here have a low calcium level? If so, do you know what's causing yours? Can you tell me if it's dangerous? Fatal? I'm a bit worried about it, as you all can imagine as I worry about everything.



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I am supposed to be taking those calcium chews that taste like caramel or chocolate, but I haven't been. I know people from DYNA who take calcium tablets though. I am pretty sure it's not fatal, or at least won't become fatal, because there is stuff you can do to treat it and I believe that the chews aren't too expensive B)

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No need to worry yet. There are some nondangerous causes of hypocalcemia. Chances are that it is something minor and treatable, such as vitamin D deficiency or magnesium depletion. And maybe the hypocalcemia is making your POTS worse. In which case, finding and treating hypocalcemia is good news. I hope that eases your mind a bit.

I don't think that calcium supplements, by themselves, will be enough to solve the hypocalcemia problem. Your skeleton has huge stores of calcium, and the amount of calcium in the blood is usually pretty tightly regulated.

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