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New Doctor Appointment!

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I have been referred to a new doctor at University Hospital. This doctor professes to be familiar with POTS. I am soooo looking forward to getting another opinion of my diagnosis and treatment. Should I get my hopes up? I think I would just cry if I got there and he said he couldn't help me.

My symptoms are all over the place. I have good days and I have bad days. No rhyme or reason for what makes a day good vs. bad. My luck, I'll get there on a good day. Oh well. Even on good days, all I have to do is stand up and my heart rate skyrockets.

Thanks for letting me rant,


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hi angela -

are you referring to University Hospital in Cleveland? or another hospital closer to where you are (i think southern ohio? i was born in cinci :( )? either way, i hope it ends up being a helpful appointment for you. i think there's a balance between being hopeful/ optimistic and setting expectations unrealistically high; in other words there is no reason not to hope/ expect that you'll gain something from the appointment/ new doc but if you go expecting a magic cure for everything you're probably setting yourself up for disappointment. i'm not trying to imply that you're doing either but rather just rambling on about my thoughts in a general sense :) . is it possible that this doctor won't have anything to offer you? yes. is it also possible that this doc will have something to offer you that will bring about significant improvements? yes again. so it could turn out either way or somewhere in between the two. but if you don't give it a chance you won't know, so for whatever my two cents worth i'd say that it's worth taking the chance. otherwise you'll be left wondering.

i hope it goes well,

B) melissa

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I'm happy to hear you have found another doctor to help you out. Though like sunfish said there needs to be a balance between getting overly optomistic and just being happy and hopeing for the best. I think that its always good to just get another set of eyes and ears on board, because everyone will have different oppinions, whether or not they are ones you choose to follow is entirely up to you. So i think its great to go into it with a good posotive attitude, but just make sure you are aware that this is a tough illness to treat and that they may not have much to offer.

Best of luck!!!!


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I hope this doctor gives you validation and is caring. That can be key and know about POTS.

I live in your area and would be very interested in how this appt goes and the docs name.

I see a great doc and have for almost 10 years but in a few years he will retire and I would like to find ANOTHER doc in this area who KNOWS Autonomic dysfucntion when he sees it.

Good luck, kiddo!


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Hi Angela,

good luck with the new doctor. As others have already said, I'd go with an open mind - be ready to listen to his opinion / advice then balance it with what your other doctors have told you. There is no "magic pill" for POTS that works on everyone (or else we'd all be on it!!) but he may have some suggestions for things you haven't tried yet, or just different doseages / combinations of meds.

Let us know how you get on,


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Well, my appointment was okay! The doctor did not agree nor disagree with my POTS diagnosis. He wants me to see another neuro, and wants to do a Tilt Table Test and then go from there.

I did not have a TTT before, my other doc did not do one. I am terrified of doing this test.

He cancelled my CPX test for the time being.

He said depending on what the TTT results show, and the neuro stuff, I may be going to see Dr. Grubb.

And yes, today was a good day. I was so afraid he would say "You look fine, you are allright". I am so tired of hearing that lately. But he didn't.


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