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Update On My Pregnancy With Pots

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Hello all,

Sorry I havent been online much. I have been fighting with this POTS and early pregnancy stuff. I am happy to report now that life is getting ALOT better. IM officailly in the 2nd trimester. Im 13 weeks pregnant now. things are going alot better. The first couple months sucked and were filled with dizzy and disorientation and tiredness and just didnt have energy to do anything. well its getting better! Here are some things that helped me jsut had to share hoping maybe they will help others:

1. drink LOTS of gatorade- my dr. suggested it. it has lots of salts and it really helped the dizzyness

2. Dont over do it. I couldnt be super mom for a coupld of months but my 5 year old daughter loves movie days

when I couldnt do much we just vegged on the couch and cuddled and watched movies and she loved it!

3. let the hubby do some stuff.- my hubby understood finally after i explained how I felt and showed him this board

and showed that look this is real and others have it too. then it clicked and he pitched in alot on house work and

etc. around the house!

4. smaller meals more frequently then big meals.- for me this helped BIG time. Munching all day smaller stuff

rather then 3 big meals really gave me more strength and really helped!

Hope some of this helps fellow pregnant POTS women. Dont give up! I know tis hard and at times I just cried. but I jsut needed to remind myself it will be all worth it once i hold that baby in my arms. My baby is due Decemeber 21st. so I got awhile. but its getting better. if anyone needs support feel free to email me. Im here to listen and support!

and good news I get to find out the gender of the baby in 5 weeks! I cant wait!!!!! i will keep you all updated!

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