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Really Intense Chest Pain At Night!

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So i woke up in the night from my chest and left are hurting really bad. My symptoms seemed almost like a heart attack.....but i doubt it... But anyhow what it was, was it felt like haveing about ten knives shuved in the from of my heart and also in the back...then down my arm there was shooting pains. Has anyone else had this, i dont know it was pretty freaky though! Oh yea and it only happened the worste when i was laying down....still when sitting up or proped up, but not as intense just like my usual chest pain.

Thanks for listening...any help or feedback would be great thanks!

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I get that, no one knows what it is. Mine doesn't come at any specific time, though. It doesn't matter if I'm sitting, standing, laying down. I do know that NOTHING helps it except rest. I have tried Ibuprofen, Ibuprofen 800, Tylenol, etc.

Do you get the knife jabbing pain right beside your shoulder blade in back?

My cardio says there is nothing wrong with my heart, so he is not sure why I am having the pain. My closest guess is that it is my body telling me that I need to rest, that I have overdone it.

Not much help, sorry. :(


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I get the chest pain too. Sometimes at night, but more so when I'm more active. Beverly, Dr. Grubb's assisstant isn't 100% sure what it is because she said she doesn't have the pain, but she thinks it's because my heart is constantly overworking trying to pump the blood back to my brain. She said it pumps so hard you will actually see your heart beating (which I have) and it will cause MASSIVE pain.

This could be it....it might be something else. But just thought I'd share some knowledge with you all. :(

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hi mary,

i don't have the chest pains anymore (or very rare) so i can't really help you. i would advise you to talk this over with your doctor. maybe it's nothing, but maybe it is something. if i were you i would like to be sure about what was going on (or be sure nothing is going on :( ).

take care,

corina :)

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Thanks everyone for all the replies!

Angela, the jabbing pain i get in the back is like on the side of my shoulder blade, so yes that probably is the same as yours then.

It could very well be that i am overdoing it, i have been alot more active these last few days, becuase my sister is visiting, thats probably it. So i guess i just need to get some more rest in then.

Its so strange when you can like feel your hearbeat in your entire body, and see it beating too!

I deffinetly will let my doctor know, just because it was really freaking and like seemed as if i was having a heart attack!

Thanks again for all the help guys!!!

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