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    God, I love HIM!<br />Poetry<br />Basketball (before I had pots)<br />I love reading stories and information on POTS<br />I love to talk =)<br />I love to write

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  1. Hey! :) Thanks for the add!

  2. ocugirl11

    My Mom

    Sooo very sorry to hear. I will be praying my thoughts and prayers go out to your family.
  3. UM, Yeah! I def can't have it! My Dr. didn't explain, but told me to AVOID it. So just to let ya know...
  4. Most def!!!! I can't stand it! But I have to live with it...***** doesn't it???!!!!
  5. So sorry to hear about your stepfather. I will be in great prayer. And as for you, take good care of yourself! I will be in prayer for you also. Hang in there! Hugs!
  6. Glad to here you are doing better. God answers prayers! That's amazing! I'll keep you in my prayers and hope you're home soon.
  7. I get the chest pain too. Sometimes at night, but more so when I'm more active. Beverly, Dr. Grubb's assisstant isn't 100% sure what it is because she said she doesn't have the pain, but she thinks it's because my heart is constantly overworking trying to pump the blood back to my brain. She said it pumps so hard you will actually see your heart beating (which I have) and it will cause MASSIVE pain. This could be it....it might be something else. But just thought I'd share some knowledge with you all.
  8. THAT'S AWESOME NEWS!!! I'm sooo glad you are feeling better! What an answered prayer!!!!!!
  9. Hey great idea....I'll try and get 2 or 3 here soon
  10. Hey hun, Doctors aren't always fun. I get sick of all the testing they have to do to find "there's nothing wrong with you". I understand the craziness. But I will say I have the greatest nurse practioner! She is amazing. I love her! Her name is Beverly Karabin. She is Dr. Blair Grubb's assisstant. And I can't say one bad thing about my experience with them. Bev is soo caring and listens to everything I say. She always talks in "doctor talk" and I hardly understand any of it. I always say to Bev, "ok now can you explain it to where I can understand it?!" And she smiles and comes and sits by me
  11. I believe you are an administrator, I know you are probably busy--but I have POTS and I'd love to help people out if you could please help me become a member. Thank you.

  12. I'm new to the forum. I thought I would try to make some friends. I have been diagnosed with POTS and just wanting some support =)

  13. Hello. I am new to the forum =) I have POTS...just looking for people to talk to =)

  14. I have POTS and my best friend's mom also does. I am willing to talk for you and help in any way I can. =)

  15. Thanks very much. I've been depressed lately. I was Diagnosed with POTS and just need some support. =)

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