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Extremely High Blood Pressure

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Well this week something strange happened to me...my blood pressure went up extremely high...208/164..to be exact. I was shocked cause first of all i didn't think my bp could get that high, and secondly i wasn't feeling that bad. I was dizzy and headachy but nothing out of the usual..at least for me. Anyway my bp stayed that high for about two hours then crashed down to 90/60, then when i checked it a half hour later and it was over 200 again. And it stayed there for about another hour, then finally it went started going back down.

I wasn't sure what to do. Usually my bp is extremely low but sometimes it'll go high but never that high. And usually when it;s high i get a migraine and i end up throwing up. The first time it was high like that my dr said to try going off the midodrine to see if it would lower my bp. Well i did that and it did lower it but it went down too low and i started passing out more. So my dr made me go back on midodrine.

so i didn't call my dr this time cause i thought he would say the samething. Well i was at the neurologist yesterday and asked my nurse about it. And she said that i should of gone straight to the Er because when my bp was 208/164, it was at a stroke level. She told me that if it goes that high again or gets close to it that i need to go to the er.

So my week's been pretty interesting cause of all this. Has anyone else has problems with their blood pressure going this high???

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I had problems with pregnancy induced hypertension. It never got higher than 170/90 during the pregnancy. Postpartum it never got higher than 190/100 I believe. My ob/gyn was unconcerned and said it would take care of itself. I suppose it did, but I still have episodes of highish bp from time to time--150/70 was the highest recently. Yours sounds dangerously high. I hope you can find a solution soon.


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I have the same thing going on. I have been to the ER when it was high (200/108) and it always came down with no treatment.

My doctor says it is just "labile." He said not to worry unless it is consistently high, that is when the risk of stroke comes in. 208/164 seems way too high though, was it taken with an electronic cuff? I have gotten some really bizarre readings with mine. I went back to a manual cuff and stethoscope. It is much more accurate I think. I was really high on my last tilt table, the tilt table before that one my BP dropped very low and I fainted. I think part of the reason we feel so crappy is our BP is all over the place. :o Dawn

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