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No Apetite


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For some reason, I never really feel hungry. Does anyone else have this difficulty? I tend to only eat just because I know I should. Even my intense sugar cravings that I use to get have left.

- Tammy

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You're not alone with what you feel - or DONT feel I should say! I dont feel hungry either, but try to force myself to eat because of weight loss. I know I have to eat to survive, so I constantly have to remind myself to try and eat, even when I dont even feel hungry or am nauseous..... :)

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I can totally understand. I am never hungry. It is all the gatorade that keeps my weight on.

I get irritated every night when my husband asks "what should we have for supper?" I can

not think of anything that sounds good.

I basically eat the same thing everyday. Toast at breakfast, protein bar for lunch and whatever

with vegetables at supper.

I never feel my stomach growl and could go days without eating but know how bad I would feel

if I did that.

You are not alone. :)


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