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Dizzy And Lightheaded Normal?

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Hi everyone.

I am newly diagnosed and wondering if it is normal to feel dizzy and lightheaded all day long. Nothing seems to help, (salt pills, Propel, rest , ) I also wanted to know if anyone has experience numbness on just the left side (leg, feet, hand , head) They say this is all part of the MV, POTS but I am just curious. I know I may be asking alot of questions and I apologize. This is all new to me. Thank you all for your advice. :P

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I am dizzy and lightheaded for most of the day, it seems to help when I lay down, but my doctors dont want me lying down during the day...which is really hard......but even right now just sitting down i am quite dizzy as well as the lightheadedness. However I dont know if there is much that can be helped other than the extra fluids and salt :P . But hang in there, hopefully things will be better soon!!

For the left side numbness, I dont have it on the left side mine is on the right, usually it will just be my arm and hand (hand tremors too) but my leg will randomly go knumb too. My doctors told me as well that it was just from the pots.

Have a great day!


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Hi,first of all ,no reason to apologize,we all are looking for answers. I have had POTS for 4 yrs. and still don't get it.

For me being dizzy and lightheaded is normal most of the time,sometimes are worse than others,but is never completely gone. There are of course meds. for the symptoms,but unless my symptoms are severe(and sometimes they are)I prefer not to take the meds. As far as for the the numbness,mine is usually right-sided.

Take care,Hugs Pat

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