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Neck Vein Pains

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hey everyone, im mary and i am new here, i think this is a wonderful site and am very excited to have found it, i was recently diagnosed wiht pots after being sick for over a year with it. my question is about the veins in your neck, i think when my blood pressure gets high is probably when it happens or at leaste what would make sence, but the veins in my neck will start hurting and it is really rather bothersome and i just couldnt think of anything that would make that better, if you have any ideas that would be great! thanks, have a wonderful day! ~mary

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I get this often Mary. Welcome to the board by the way. There's another post on here somewhere that talked about this recently. My carotid artery on the left side of my neck will sometimes feel like its going to burst. There's just a lot of pressure feeling. I had a carotid ultrasound and everything was normal. I think I read somewhere that the arteries will expand when trying to force blood to your brain if you aren't getting enough bloodflow/oxygen to your head. So my pain normally comes when my blood pressure is low. It's kind of a scary feeling though!


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