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Yeast Infection/pms?


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Sorry if this is too gross... As part of this month's round of lovely pms, I've developed what I think is a yeast infection.I've had a couple of these in my life, but usually in response to meds--such as antibiotics or steroids.

I've started the three day otc treatment (miconazole?). I applied the second dose last night. and I have to say, it's not a whole lot better. One more dose tonight... Does anyone know how fast the treatment is supposed to work?

I'd really prefer not to have to go to the doctor.

Does anyone know if there's another otc antifungal that might do the job?

I think my waist-high compression stockings plus the heat are maybe not to blame, but certainly make things worse. So I've switched to thigh or knee-highs till this settles down.

Sorry for the graphic details, but the itching is making me crazy!

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i've had my first, second, & third yeast infections since december in the midst of the plethera of IV antibiotics i've been on for the recurrent sepsis. while obviously it's something that's low on the severity list of all that's going on with me, the symptoms are SO annoying & bothersome. so my greatest sympathies!

i've only used one treatment for it, and always a prescription. for me it's worked every time. it's a vaginal suppository that is also a three day (nightly) routine. i'd say that - to the best of my recollection - i felt some relief by the morning after the second dose and things were entirely eh okay by about 24 hours after the last dose.

in regard to avoiding a trip to the doctor, perhaps your doc wouldn't make you come in. if you're pretty certain of what's going on you could call the office & see what they recommend. that's what i did the first time - thinking they might just advise me on a OTC product - and they called in an Rx to the pharmacy for me. the subsequent two times i was already hospitalized so that obviously eliminated the issue of an appointment but i wouldn't recommend that route. many docs will prescribe treatments for yeast infections though over the phone as they're fairly benign as far as meds are concerned. obviously if the infection doesn't clear up or keeps recurring a trip to the doctor would be needed, but calling might be enough initially.

hope you're feeling better soon...

:( melissa

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Thanks, Melissa! It is a relief for once to have a health problem that's more annoying than anything else--but annoying it is. If I'm not better by tomorrow after my third night of otc treatment, I'll call and see if they can call in something stronger.

Like many of you can surely relate to, I find going in to the doctor tiresome and draining. But as this is (for once) a relatively easily treatable thing, I guess I don't have to dread the doc so much...

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The joys of being women. I find personally that I need aggressive treatment. You can go to your loyal pharmacy or contact your gynny. I need to have very strong internal and eternal treatment. Something that is very important is I take interflora tablets for a few weeks after the infection. It works wonders and prevent the problem from starting up again. A few aspects that you need to consider is that you might need to treat your partner as well. Often in these situation it is the partner that is the carrier and starts this wonderful problem us women have. I personally have noticed that I no longer can use Condoms or any other exciting extras in this department. My gynny has also commented that I am to clean on myself. Can't imagine being any other way but he commented that we should not always clean all the parts of of bodies so "specially" if I can put it that way. Trying to be politically correct for our more conservative members. :lol:

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