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Botox Injections?

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i saw my doc today about persistent nausea and loss of appetite as it pertains to my gastroparesis...........i have dropped out 10 pounds in the past couple weeks and cannot afford to lose any more weight (i'm 5'8' and weigh 116)..................my doc is recommending botox injections in the stomach to help alleviate nausea, help with dysmotility,etc.......

have any of you had this treatment? did it work/help? how long does the botox treatment alleviate symptoms? i heard every 6 months you have to get this procedure done for it to continually help with symptoms...........

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I'm kind of confused about the botox in the stomach if gastroparesis is what the issue is--poor motility to no motility. Botox is a paralytic agent--but, even thought it would seem counterintuitive to use botox, there's some research out there showing it helps!? I did a google search using "botox" and "gastroparesis" and came up with a few articles, the first being from my alma mater, Temple University:




Hope the info at least helps you pick a direction you're going to take.


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Thanks Nina for the websites...

I, too, was quite confused in regard to botox, gastroparesis, it seeming to be counterintuitive....but hey, if there is proof in some that it helps, I'll do it! No pro-motility meds have helped me out any......unfortunately.....

.....I am surprised i have dropped so much weight because I have been eating the same amount of food as usual, though have a difficult time with it as i'm nauseated most of the time.........

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