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Just Checking In....

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Just checking in with everyone. I have been having problems with my depression over the past couple of weeks and haven't been on line at all. Been reading, but haven't felt like posting. My PCP changed my meds for depression to cymbalta and he said it would take a little while to adjust and see a difference. Been very down and lying around....getting tired of watching movies. I did get up today and take the dogs for a walk by the river and even watched them enjoy swimming. Hubby and daughter went along and it was a nice quiet time of us. It was nice to finally see the sun after so many days of rain and clouds. Hopefully I'm on the up swing now and will be back posting often.

Nolie ;)

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Glad you had a better day today and I hope the Cymbalta helps. I think many of us have been feeling quite low. My hope is that the weather with hold and help the spirits of some.We had major floods here for the second time in a year and it has been quite depressing -on top of everything else. The sun may not take away all the physical problems, but it sure helps mentally. I was able to sit outside and watch the husband clean up the garden area and go for a bit of ride-- that is a good day for me. ;)

Hang in there --- we will all lift each other up---

PS --- I am watching the Boston Red Sox play the Yankees and the Sox just scored 4 HOME RUNS In a ROW!!!!!!!!!

now that makes me feel good!!!!!!!

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Thanks for all the support you guys...it's very hard sometimes. Some days are are just bad and others are ok, It's just how things go with depression. I love the warm weather, but my body can't tolerate it for to long only an hour or so before it's back into the a/c. Yesterday was a great day and very rare for me. I usually can't stay upright for more than 1/2 hour and yesterday I lasted a couple. ;) It was a nice change. I did sleep longer and better last night and I'm feeling symptoms today, but enjoyed yesterday and it was well worth it.

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Hi Nolie,

thanks for posting and letting us know how you are doing. I think that any chronic illness can lead to depression but for some reason I think POTS seems to be particularly bed for it - perhaps because we are so misunderstood and frustrated?

I hope the change to cymbalta helps to improve your symptoms. I'm glad that you had a good day and your walk with the family. Hopefully as the cymbalta kicks in over the next few weeks you will have more of the good days and less of the low ones.

Let us know how you get on,



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Glad to hear your feeling a little better with your depression. Sometimes it's hard to get back up after the depression monster has kicked you down, but you're stronger than it and with the help of those who love you, you'll keep pushing along.

Take care,


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