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Opiate And High(er) Bp?


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My bp is all over the place, but tends to run very low or low normal.

Once a month I've been getting prolotherapy injections to stabilize the ligaments in my eds pelvis and hips-- which I think is helping slowly. Anyway, because the injections are so painful, and I get over fifty at once, over the course of an hour, I premedicate with a strong opiate (dilaudid) and 2mgs of ativan. I've done it without meds and it is really awful. With meds, it's bearable.

I've noticed that once the meds have kicked in, but before the shots, my bp runs high. This has been true every time. YEsterday it was 145/95, pulse 95. Any reason why ativan and/or dilaudid would have a hypertensive effect? I only took that one dose before the shots.

Later that night, and this morning, my bp was okay again. This morning I was 95/67.

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