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Art3 In Crisis


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havent checked in a while, but things are going horribly wrong. drs are clashing on what is going on. Istill have the sweating issues, fatigue and terrible muscle weakness and neuropathy. I have a topical cream made of neurontin, lidocaine and ketonen. it helps somewhat. some drs think imay after IBD as some colonc checks over the yrs showed ulcers-and the ibd has spread into the nerves. had another tilt table with dr harati here and the tests showed neuropathy, irrgular sweat glands, and minimal changes in the tilt table. they did a msucle biopsy which was normal. im very alarmed by all this going on. also have developed jaw joint problems in the last six months.nothing has yet turned up in blood work. I need better manegment of the neuropathy-but its hard to treat if we dont know the cause right? my drs are alarmed , my family as well. what else can I do/ is htere a pots neuro to see here in houston? I need help more than ever. back in sept while visiting my sister in va a dr put me on all sorts of blood pressure drugs and it was scary. i live here in hosuton so there has got to be help around here. dr h at baylor is great, but baffled like everyone else. I value your input-------


art in hou

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hi art,

i am sorry that you are in such a rough time. have you checked dinet's physician's list (dinet website, left site of the page)? as i'm not in your country i can't really help you find one, but maybe there are others at this forum and in your area who can help you find a doctor to help you manage your problems.

i know how difficult it is when nothing really is found in tests (accept for the things we already know).

hope you will find adequate help soon,

corina :lol:

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