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Ganglionic Antibody

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Researchers have discovered an antibody to neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors of autonomic ganglia (Vernino, Low, Fealey, Stewart, Farrugia & Lennon, 2000). Some people with POTS have an antibody titer test that is positive to this antibody. Patients with the highest levels of these ganglionic-receptor-binding antibodies have the most severe autonomic dysfunction. Physicians have discovered that antibody levels lower as some patients improve, which suggests a cause and effect relationship.

copy and pasted from POTS Place "causes"

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Autoantibodies to neuronal ganglionic nicotinic receptor have been found in patients with autoimmune autonomic neuropathy (AAN). In this paper the authors developed an animal model of autonomic failure by immunizing rabbits with a portion of the ganglionic receptor. Following this the animals developed autoantibodies to the receptor and then developed dysautonomia, confirmed by examination of the nerve structure. This model suggests that AAN in humans is a disorder of ganglionic cholinergic synaptic transmission caused by nAChR antibodies.


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