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Hawthorn Anyone?


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for those of you who have tried hawthorn, did it help and how did it help, and if you already have low bp would it be a bad idea taking it even if you have a problem with palpitations and tachycardia? would it lower it too much? any input would be appreciated, thanks and would it interfere with beta blockers or digoxin? thanks again


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It seemed to be beneficial as an adjunct to conventional treatment in patients with chronic heart failure. Here is an article that discusses a meta-analysis of randomized placebo-controlled trials:


Here's an article that reviews the likely adverse events:


Note that it warns: "the unsupervised use of this drug can be associated with problems, especially if given with concomitant medications."

Just from a superficial search, it seems to me that it might hold some promise for people whose problem results from weakness of the heart muscle. I don't know if it would do any good for someone whose problem is in the autonomic nervous system.

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Hi Radha,

There is an instrument called an Acousticardiogram (or Acoustic Recorder or Endocardiogram) which can give good information about the strength of the heart contraction. It measures sound like a stethoscope but records/graphs/prints the sound for comparison with normal. It is not the same as an echo, which is ultrasound, or an electro, which measures the nerve impulses. It is inexpensive but there are not many instruments around.

Since Hawthorne is most easily described as a tonic, lthomas is correct that when the muscle is weak and will not be further fatigued by a little pushing and support, it may help.

Get a good quality product if you use it.

Best wishes,


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