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Went To Get My Cardiac Loop Recorder Downloaded


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Went to my Docs office the other day to have my cardiac loop recorder downloaded. I can't believe my battery still works- :(

Anyway, the only thing it's catching is tachy and single PVCs. Although it's not great to still be tachy on my beta blockers, it's not real high tachycardia. I would love to go off beta blocker, but I would have such bad tachycardia without them. I believe they helped contribute to some weight gain. It's not a ton of weight because I started out so thin-----BUT STILL..... The wellbutrin doesn't help either......

I have not had one of those episodes where my heart feels like it's stopping----then everything turns gray---tunnel vision ect. that's what were trying to catch, so I don't know what will be done now if we can't catch it. I have had only three realy bad episodes like that before the recorder. I did have one once that I thought was pretty close to one of those, but my hands were shaking so bad I don't know if I was able to catch it-----The RN who down loads the recorder didn't say anything.

I had taken someone to the Airport after they came here to see her Doctor. After waiting for her, and then driving her to the Airport, my body took a bad turn--I think my BP dumped when I went into the airport to see if she got on the plane OK. Then it felt like my heart was just fluttering it was beating so fast, then it slowed quickly, and my body started to shake really bad. I was only about 20 minutes from home-----but I thought I would never get there.

The RN who downloads my loop recorder is a male, and is so nice------------I really like him. He's professional, but acts very down to earth at the same time.

However, the nurse that took my BP-----------------and called my name to come back----------------UGGGGGGGG-----It's was STALKER NURSE shocked3.gif. I recognized that same sharp and nasty tone in her voice-----(I also know her name now, and I saw it on her ID tag). She was the nurse that took the time to hunt me down and read my postings.--- Why she cared I'll never know. Hopefully I will be going to another Doc in Cleveland if things work out on my Appointment in June. I just want to avoid this nurse. I was never treated this way by any other medical professional.

April 11th I see the EDS Doc, and I will ask him to help me figure out some kind of bracing for my upper spine that may be more user friendly then my cervical/thoracic vest. I'm having a difficult time holding my head up, and I'm getting much worse with the joint instability--especially from the shoulder blades up. When I see the things happening to my body, and what this does to me I want to throw up when I think about how that nurse got so abusive with me after reading my posts on this forum.

The sad thing is that there have been many complaints on the same nurse, and she is still employed. Although I filed a formal complaint -------------she did not have any consequence for her unelthical behaviour.

Maxine :0)

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hey maxine,

i completely understand where you're coming from......two words, MURPHY'S LAW! when we want something to happen (not that we necessarily WANT a rhythm problem) but since we know it exists, we want it to be caught - but when we have the opportunity to PROVE that it is there, it doesnt happen! arrgh!

i have only had a holter monitor (24 hr) and it just picks up the sinus tachy, but i have never had this strange episodic sensation that i get while wearing a holter......about 6 times a year (yeah it's infrequent but pretty annoying enough to make it feel like it is MORE than just 6 measly times out of a whole year) i get a very strange CONSTANT fluttery sensation for about 25 seconds in my neck and I KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that it IS NOT a sinus tachycardia. i never FEEL my sinus tachy, even when it's up to 190, so i know it is ANOTHER rhythm disturbance. i write you this this morning because i literally, about 45 minutes ago, just had another one of these episodes......i questioned my cardio about it a year ago and told him how infrequent it happens but that it is annoying and that it is not a sinus tachy and he said HE THINKS it's just "sympathetic tone". i totally disagree and am leaning towards calling his office to have an event put on - BUT like you, i am more scared to go through the process of getting one put on and then having nothing happen! frustrating.

what's your tachy like on beta? how often do you get the "sensation that your heart is stopping" ?

i am so sorry about the nurse treating you like that........hopefully someone does something about it in an authoritative role that can either smarten her up to start treating her patients with respect or have her leave the practice.....

i hope they come up with a way to catch these episodes that you are having.......


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I also get a very infrequent event like you are describing--it lasts less than 5 seconds when it happens. it has never been documented in a recording/monitoring. I have described it to my specialist and he said it sounded like SVT. He was really unconcerned. I even called his office once right after it happened and they could not have been less concerned (although they were kind about it). They said b/c it was of such short duration it was not of concern. Still, I would also like to know what it is.


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Big mystery of all time----eh...........

When I get those episodes they seem to last forever----and I'm always sure it's something terrible. However, I'm sure it's only seconds-----but it feels like my heart is just fluttering, and then it feels like it's going to stop. Sometimes I feel a thud, or like my heart is dropping....

The RN who was downloading it was so nice-----he never makes me feel stupid for making a recording that turns out to just be tachy, or nothing at all. Sometimes bad upper gas can make me feel like I'm having an arrhythmia and I'll make a recording----and this guy never makes me feel like a fool for doing it.

The Doc that put it in said it's the best cure for arrhythmias----as soon as a recording device is used-----YOUR CURED--pinkpantherthinking.jpg


Maxine :0)

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