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Palpatations Problems


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Many of us get palpitations and arrhythmias. They are almost always innocent. So, rest easy, there is probably nothing to worry about. But just to make sure you can ask your doctor for a 24 hour holter monitor. This is a heart monitor that you wear for a whole day and it records all of your heart beats. It is then examined carefully and a report is sent to your doctor (and to you if you request one).

You can try a search on here to get some more info. Just type in "Palpitations" or "arrhythmia" "PVCs" or "PACs" You should get lots of hits.


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I hate when that happens. I feel every heartbeat, no matter if my pulse is nice and slow or speedy/wacky. If it is slow, I feel it more or less depending on different things, but when it is strong, it can drive me bananas unless I am distracted. I used to call it palpitations, but now I know in most or all doctors' minds, it means rapid heartbeat and they think I am anxious. I just feel the heart pound, period.

What makes it worse/stronger for me is gas, constipation or a full stomach. We have had recent threads on how close the heart is to the stomach and I have come to visualize that my heart beats against my stomach like a drum when the stomach is full of air (from eating fast, my baddest habit). I don't have alot of meat on my bones and I think also at night that I feel the heart against the ribs when I am lying down and it is very quiet -- which is why I like the bedtime stories of TV or a good audiobook.

When it is the worst, what distracts me always is a vibrating cushion I bought at a Relax-the-back store. It was designed for use in the car but is great in an easy chair when I am trying to meditate or nap and my heart is pounding hard. It is not a hard vibration, but just enough to take my mind off my heart.

Good luck. It isn't fun.


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